What's happening with Ravi Teja?

By Naresh Kota Jan. 25, 2020, 07:25 pm IST
What's happening with Ravi Teja?

In 2015, Ravi Teja announced that he will take a break from films after Bengal Tiger. His career saw a lot of lows by the time due to regular films. The actor decided to take a good gap of two to three years and come back with a strong script. 

He did Raja The Great in 2017 and the film became a box office success. Post that in 2018, he saw three back to back disasters and Disco Raja, his latest movie after a lull in 2019 released to a mixed talk. 

The collections are not that good to say that the market of Ravi Teja hasn't taken a massive hit. The actor said that he liked the Disco Raj character and he may do two sequels for the film, as well. But the script of the film is opined to have let him down by reviewers and initial public reports. 

It seems like the film is certain to become a failure for the actor. We are not deciding the fate yet, but can't hide reality for long too. In any case, Ravi Teja kind of an actor cannot be going through what Srikanth and Jagapathi Babu have gone through as he has a good mass base than the other two. 

But the actor seems to be going through a low phase, that ended many renowned star's careers. Again, we don't want to put any jinx on his career but lack of promotions might have also caused low numbers on the first day. The reality seems to be very disheartening as these are the kinds of things that tend to happen for actors going through very very down phase. 

We hope an energetic star like Ravi Teja proves that it is just a matter of one excellent and strong film for him to bounce back as youth needs such energetic star to continue delivering big performances than just lackluster films. 

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