What Is The Beep Word In "Bheeshma" Song?

By Satya Cine Feb. 22, 2020, 10:54 am IST
What Is The Beep Word In "Bheeshma" Song?

Nithiin-Rashmika starrer 'Bheeshma' has hit the screens this Friday and garnered positive reviews.  There has been a dull atmosphere at the box office post-Sankranti season. 'Bheeshma' has the chance to take advantage of no competition.  Being a romantic entertainer is also an added advantage.  Whenever such rom-com releases, some dialogues will grab the attention of the audience or some interesting discussions will arise.

The same thing is happening with a song from 'Bheeshma'.  It is known that there is a Singles Anthem song in 'Bheeshma' with a touch of bachelor humor.  A line in the song which goes like this- "jantale naa kanta padithe 'MENTALE'..ollanta jealousy mantale" and we can watch this in the lyrical video.

Surprisingly, the word 'Mentale' is missing on the silver screen.  It was muted by the censor. The audiences who observed this mute wors really got perplexed about the censor cut. 'Mentale' is not a cuss word and it doesn't even have a vulgar connotation. It is a commonly used word by Telugu people.  So the audiences are wondering why such a commonly used word is suggested as a Censor cut?  Some people are seen asking others about what could be that beep word. Some netizens are even searching for the missing word in the google as well.  It seems the audiences are literally going 'mentale' with the censor cut!

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