Waiting Period Of NTR Fans Increases!

By Satya Cine Jun. 20, 2020, 06:41 pm IST
Waiting Period Of NTR Fans Increases!

'RRR' is one of the eagerly awaited films of movie buffs across India. 'RRR' team has released Bheem For Rama Raju video on the occasion of Ram Charan's birthday and it has received thumping response from the audience. There were many speculations that a similar video will be released for NTR on his birthday. But that didn't happen.

'RRR' team could not release RamaRaju for Bheem video as they did not shoot the required visuals for the teaser due to the lockdown. Telangana government recently gave permissions for film shoots but the 'RRR' team could not even go for trial shoot considering the practical problems. NTR fans were eagerly waiting for the NTR teaser and they thought that 'RRR' team will release it in a couple of weeks after resuming the shoot.

The present situations suggest that the 'RRR' team may not commence the shoot in a couple of months. Unless 'RRR' team resumes the shoot, they can't release the NTR teaser. The waiting period of NTR fans increased for NTR teaser.

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