Vijaya Nirmala's Rs.150 Cr Property

By Satya Cine Feb. 19, 2020, 06:52 pm IST
Vijaya Nirmala's Rs.150 Cr Property

Actress cum director Late. Vijaya Nirmala is one of the Tollywood legends.  She entered the Guinness book of records as the female director to direct the highest number of films in the world. On the occasion of Vijaya Nirmala's birth anniversary tomorrow, her statue will be unveiled in Nanakramguda house.  Several Tollywood celebrities and Telangana politicians are going to attend the event along with Krishna's family members. Vijaya Nirmala's son Naresh is supervising the event and Superstar Mahesh is going to unveil the statue as per the reports.

Whenever such an event is on the cards, interesting discussions will happen regarding the life and achievements of the celebrity. Similar discussions are going on in the industry circles but the surprise is that, their main focus in on her 3-acre property in Nanakramguda.  Vijaya Nirmala's statue is going to be unveiled in the same property now.  This property is valued around Rs.150 crore at present.  All the discussions are centered around the property.  No one is really interested to talk about her other achievements and her caring attitude towards family members.

This shows once again that a person's glory after his/her death is measured with their earnings, properties rather than the other achievements.  Vijaya Nirmala's only son Naresh has also become a hot topic because he is going to inherit this Rs.150 cr property.  How a person lived, how much glory achieved has become trivial things in comparison to how much he left to his/her children.

It may sound materialistic but that's the world we are living in.  The world is actually measuring a person's worth in financial terms and it is the bitter truth.  Because nobody is discussing the affectionate relationship between Vijaya Nirmala and Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala and her son Naresh but everybody in the industry is discussing her property! Had the statue location been different, these property discussions may not have arisen for sure.

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