Vennela Kishore Rs 3 Lakh Per Day!

By Satya Cine Feb. 11, 2020, 08:46 am IST
Vennela Kishore Rs 3 Lakh Per Day!

The beauty about being part of the cinema industry is that, if you have the right kind of talent, show the right kind of attitude and are blessed with a light stroke of luck, you can become famous and fortune rich in just few nights. While there are thousands who come to the industry with the hope of striking it big, only a genuine few really stand out.

Comedian Vennela Kishore has shot into limelight in the last few years and his way up the ladder has been filled with hardwork and dedication. According to sources close to him, Kishore started his career with Rs 5000 per day and within a short span, he has become the busiest and most wanted comedian in the entire Telugu cinema circuit.

Though he is in so much demand, he doesn’t demand that if I get so much only then I will do. That’s why more opportunities are coming his way thanks to his grounded and humble nature. Usually artistes have the tendency to hike their prices the moment they come into demand but Kishore with his talent and intelligence has been maintaining a consistent graph. Today, his comedy tracks have become super hits irrespective of film’s output at the box office. Once Brahmanandam had this image and now Kishore is entering that league.

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