Venkatesh's new look will impress you too

By Naresh Kota Jan. 21, 2020, 11:04 pm IST
Venkatesh's new look will impress you too

Victory Venkatesh has announced that he will be seen in Asuran remake and the team is ready to start shooting from 22nd January 2020. The movie title is finalized as Naarappa.

In the get-up that Dhanush almost made his own, Venkatesh seemed to match it perfectly. He is able to find the same intensity in his eyes as much as Dhanush did for the original.

People on social media are stunned to see such striking resemblance to original as well. Venkatesh seems to have picked the right character and Sreekanth Addala might have decided to follow the original to the tee.

The look test is highly impressive and we hope even other actors to come together to make it a landmark film for Venkatesh as his next will be his 75th, which might be planned as the biggest ever in the senior star hero's career if this also contributes to his recent market resurgence following F2.

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