Venkatesh looks ready for Asuran remake!

By Naresh Kota Jan. 17, 2020, 08:12 pm IST
Venkatesh looks ready for Asuran remake!

"Asuran" remake started pre-production works and Venkatesh is looking to get into the shape for the character. He is targeting a specific look that became popular in Tamil on Dhanush and he seemed to be closing in on it. 

He will try to look slightly lean from his earlier films and for a younger role, he will slightly bulk up it seems. Few changes in the script are being made with Srikanth Addala and his writers, working to bring local Telugu village story flavor to the Tamil native drama. 

Suresh Babu and Venkatesh are regularly going through all the new elements that writers are adding to the original and they are also, trying to cut off those that they feel won't work in Telugu or will be viewed as too alien. 

The shoot of the film will start commencing from the 20th or 25th of January, it seems. Also, the team is eyeing a Summer release or end of a Summer release, it seems. We will keep you updated with future details for sure.

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