Uppena: Same Tune For Different Lyricists

By Satya Cine Feb. 06, 2020, 08:05 pm IST
Uppena: Same Tune For Different Lyricists

The world we are living in is undoubtedly competitive and one can't avoid competition. But we don't usually expect competition in certain places and certain things.  If we take the case of lyricists in Tollywood, there is a professional competition between one another but the filmmakers don't conduct lyrics competition.  Lyric-writing usually works in two ways.  Writing a lyric to a tune given by the music director, or writing a lyric first according to the situation in the film and composing a tune later. The present trend is that lyricists write lyrics according to the tune provided.  Usually, the makers or music director provides a tune and asks the lyricist to write the lyrics. But the latest development in the Tollywood became a hot topic.

We all know that a new mega hero Panja Vaisshnav Tej is debuting with 'Uppena'.  Buchibabu Sana is the director and Mythri Movie Makers banner is bankrolling this project. Devi Sri Prasad is the music director. 

As per a hearsay, the makers said to have given each tune to three different lyricists and asked them to write lyrics.  The basic idea behind asking lyrics from three lyricists to choose the best.  The interesting fact here is that tunes were given to the top league lyricists and they are not newcomers.  If we look at it from the third-person viewpoint, it's an odd situation for any lyricist.  Because it is nothing but a lyric writing competition between them.

One may feel that it is slightly insulting as well.  But that's not the case as the makers are paying full remuneration to all the lyricists irrespective of the makers accept their lyrics or not. This type of competitions do not happen often, so it has become a hot topic in the industry circles.  We have to wait and see whether this competition really gives better output or not.  If it really works, we may witness such a trend in future as well. But this luxory is possible only for big budget films.

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