Unveiling the beauty and creative vision of "Awe"

By iDream Post Feb. 17, 2018, 10:42 am IST
Unveiling the beauty and creative vision of "Awe"

Going to the movies is an activity all Indians love. Whether it is for the story, characters, atmosphere or the simple joy of spending time with friends and family, cinema is an essential part of our culture.

Can a film be effective without memorable visuals? Possibly yes, but the films that have achieved immortality have almost always been borne of a balance between the words on the page and the images that are burned into our collective consciousness.

The much awaited multi starrer  film AWE has been lauded for its beautiful and realistic portrayal of a personality disorder in the most beautiful manner .

Part of what makes the story so believable and emotional though, extends beyond the talented actors  to the incredibly detailed sets created by Art Director Sahi Suresh 

Saarocharu, Venkatadri Express , Karthikeya, Malli Malli Idi Raani Roju, Kanche, Raju Gari Gadhi , Sarainodu, Jaya Janaki Nayaka,  Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam and Premam fame, Suresh has been widely known for his conceptualised work format.

His designs have always been a major contributor to the mood , emotional tone of his film. His decisions have  made about every element that it built or brought into the studio or location. All sets, set dressings and props (any mobile object a cast member interacts with, like a book) are  designed or supervised  and monitored for the making, buying, painting and installation of them in preparation for the shoot which makes it a very idealised platform to work on.

He explains in a behind-the-scenes featurette, below, that while Awe scenes do conjure many color palettes in the same place , this recreation is a far cry from places we see everyday and the ones  that most people associate.

n order to bring the story's tone to life, as well as the reality of a "traumatized" personality , Suresh relied heavily on color.

Colors like  pinks, yellows, greens, blues, violets and blacks which he characterized according to each personality, are mainstays throughout the film.

The Color pallete of a film is the canvas on which the look of the film is drawn. Color, next to music, is probably the thing that affects The audience the most, and the choices of dark, light, bright, or pastel color schemes create an indelible feeling in them. It is important, therefore, that we be in control of how that feeling is created.’ quotes suresh

The many colors used in this movie were chosen with a great detail And discussion he told the publication. The colors present in countless scenes, including the hotel cafe bookshop and the garden Was especially key because it just doesn't make you feel relaxed when you are looking at it. It helps create this tension between the characters.

The overwhelming majority of the colors used throughout AWE— Whether on the walls, or the furniture, or accessories seen Throughout the film like the journal Kajal writes The time machine Avasarala makes the Tree and the fish fit into this beautiful color palette, which Suresh said was done Intentionally to draw greater attention to the few vibrant pieces In the film, including Murali Sharmas's black hat, and the little girl's magic stuff or the tree that regina finds a beautiful necklace embalmed or rather should say mummified ( yes !)

When the whole set is revealed it's a celebration of colors ! The Climax is an eye catching note of every single detail of the color palettes used in the movie.

Awe’ has been conceptualised with the idea that a neutral backdrop Immediately helps draw the eye to intentional pop of color.

I would also like to make a special mention about my team Upender,  Anji, Kamesh, Dattu,  Jhansi, Rachel and Ramana who have been of a great importance to this project.

Kudos to the production team who made everything possible

And while the movie has only been out for a day, it's already ranking up There with some of our most beloved set designs ever.

“Design in film is all about driving the narrative,” he said. “It’s all About helping the story move along, decorating the story, if you like, rather than the sets. “ he adds

Audience can experience this magic soon in Krishna Arjuna Yuddham starring Nani, A Dil Raju production starring Ram and Karunakarans story starring Sai Dharam Tej.

We wish him all the best and looking forward for more of these :)


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