Twitter Celebs Not Getting New Followers 

By Satya Cine Feb. 28, 2020, 12:00 am IST
Twitter Celebs Not Getting New Followers 

The usage of social media is on the rise thanks to the highspeed internet.  The present generation is often dubbed as 'Smartphone Generation' because we can't spot a youngster without a smartphone. With smartphones in every pocket, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc have gained huge popularity.  In fact, they have become part and parcel of our lives.  Not only the common people but the celebrities are using social media platforms extensively to be in touch with the fans.

Comparatively, celebrities are extensively using Twitter than Facebook.  The followers' strength on Twitter is considered as one of the parameters of star power.  Filmstars, cricketers have millions of followers for their Twitter handles.  Surprisingly, the number of followers was on the rise from 2010 to 2014.  We can say that the followers for celebrities have increased in an exponential way during this period.  The celebs who opened Twitter accounts earlier amassed a huge following.  The situation was quite different after 2014.  The trends suggest that the celebrities who entered Twitter from 2015 have got less number of followers.  In general, Twitter followers are not increasing like before for any celebrity.

One would wonder why the situation has been changed, why there is less growth in followers after 2014? The analysts of technological trends are saying that the popularity of social media platforms changes with time.  Let us take Orkut for example. It was the popular social media platform in the initial days of social media evolution. When Facebook made its entry, Orkut's popularity took a severe beating.  It has become obsolete later in a few years. Similarly, with the entry of new social media platforms, the popularity of existing platforms will decrease.  

With the rise in popularity of new-gen apps like Instagram, Tiktok, Halo, etc, the popularity of Twitter, Facebook is decreasing.  With the availability of various popular apps, the netizens are not depending on a single platform like Twitter. They are also diversified.  The same thing is reflecting on the number of followers.

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