TRP Shock: Tollywood's Loss-Channels' Gain

By Satya Cine Mar. 18, 2020, 07:16 pm IST
TRP Shock: Tollywood's Loss-Channels' Gain

One man's loss is another man's gain - this is one of the popular sayings.  We can apply this analogy not only to people but to several real-life situations.  COVID-19 is the widely discussed topic across the globe now.  The governments have tightened the screening process of international travelers at the airports.  Several other preventive measures were taken by them to effectively control the pandemic.

Academic institutions, shopping malls, movie theaters, bars are closed for a brief period. Public gatherings, rallies were restricted. Many private companies are asking their employees to work from home.  If we talk about Tollywood, it has taken a severe beating. As theaters were closed and shoots were canceled, the industry came to a screeching halt. Entire Tollywood is suffering a huge loss with the outbreak of coronavirus.

Surprisingly, TV channels and digital platforms are making merry as the situation turned favorable for them.  TRP Ratings have been increased in an unimaginable manner. Viewership increased for the TV channels like never before. Everybody is staying at home now. All the family members are staying at home. So the TVs are on 24X7 without any break.  

The elders in the family don't go out, employees don't go out, students don't go out. Parents will not allow their children to go out.  The only option for all of them is to watch TV. From serials to movies, news to sports, people are not leaving anything.  Every tv channel management is thinking that the increased TRPs is their credit. No, the truth is it is entirely corona's credit. While Tollywood is at the losing end now, TV channels are gaining from the situation.

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