Trivikram's Title: "Oyamma Nee Kumarudu" Or "Sirikin Cheppadu"

By Satya Cine Feb. 25, 2020, 06:01 pm IST
Trivikram's Title: "Oyamma Nee Kumarudu" Or "Sirikin Cheppadu"

Trivikram Srinivas is teaming up with Young Tiger NTR for his next film. Haarikas Hassine Creations and NTR Arts banners are jointly producing #NTR30. The makers have also announced that the movie will hit the screens next summer.

As soon as the #NTR30 announcement is made, interesting discussions are going on regarding the probable title of this movie. It is already known that 'Ayinanu Poyi Raavale Hastinaku' title has been doing rounds for quite some time. There is no official announcement yet.

Now, a couple of new titles are said to be in consideration by Trivikram team. One of them is 'Sirikin Cheppadu', the second title is 'Oyamma Nee Kumarudu'.

Sirikin Cheppadu is a famous Telugu poem from the Gajendra Moksham chapter in Pothana Bhagavatam. When elephant king Gajendra gets into trouble, he prays for Lord Vishnu. The Lord Vishnu is moved by his devotee's trouble and starts from Vaikuntham abruptly to rescue him. The poem tells that Vishnu doesn't even inform his wife, he doesn't carry his holy weapons, he doesn't even call his vehicle Garuda, he doesn't even waste a second to rescue his devotee. We can infer the same as NTR is the hero and he comes to rescue the deserved in the film.

Another title 'Oyamma Nee Kumarudu' is also a popular poem from Pothana Bhagavatam. "Oyamma nee kumarudu maa indlanu paalu perugu mana needamma" is Lord Krishna's childhood Leela where the women of Gokulam complain to Yashoda about Krishna that he is stealing milk and curd. This also gives rise to an inference that NTR is going to play the role of a naughty guy in this film similar to Lord Krishna. For now, many people are saying that 'Sirikin Cheppadu' has more chances. We have to wait and see what Trivikram is actually thinking about the title.

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