Trivikram's Love For Rich Powerful Women 

By Satya Cine Jan. 22, 2020, 12:01 pm IST
Trivikram's Love For Rich Powerful Women 

Irrespective of the criticism around his inspirations for his films, Trivikram commands huge fan following among the Telugu moviebuffs.  There is a unique way of story-telling and presentation of family values  in his films.

As every writer and director has some unique selling points, Trivikram too has his trademark elements, which we can witness in his films repeatedly.  He never misses to discuss  family values and relations through his films. 

Apart from the stylish presentation, values and sugar coated commercial elements, Trivikram appears to have his share of fantasies which he fulfills through his films.  Fascination for the rich powerful middle aged beauties is one of them. If we discuss without any inhibitions, everybody will have their own dreamgirl in the teenage and the youth. Whether people deliberately express their fantasies or not, everyone will have their crush on some celebrity.  Just like Ram Gopal Varma who is forever fascinated towards the legendary Sridevi and Jayasudha, Trivikram seems to have fascinated with several most happening heroines of his youthful days.

Usually the fascination towards a celebrity remains as a dream for majority of the people. Very few people get a chance to talk to them in their lifetime. Only among among ten million will get a chance to work with them. 

Trivikram has chosen Nadia for a crucial role in 'Attarintiki Daredi' and undoubtedly his selection has brought so much freshness to the film. Nadia's role is the major plus points of the film.  Though she played the role of a mother of heroine and aunt to hero, she looked  hot and powerful in the film.  Frankly speaking, she has grabbed the attention with her grace and unmatchable style.  Trivikram repeated her in 'A Aa' as well.

He offered a crucial role to yesteryear glamour queen Khushboo as the stepmother of Pawan Kalyan in 'Agnyaathavaasi'.  Irrespective of the movie result, Khushboo made her presence felt and she turned out to be a major attraction in the film.  As the movie turned out to be a flop, her role did not get much attention in the media. 
For 'Aravinda Sametha', Trivikram brought 90s beauty Devayani on board as the mother of NTR. Though her role is not much important as Nadia's role in 'Attarintiki Daaredi',  she brought grace to the role. 

If we discuss Trivikram's latest outing 'Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo', he has brought Tabu on board as the mother of Allu Arjun. Though the story of the film doesn't revolve around her character, Tabu has added a bit of seriousness to the silverscreen being powerful and beautiful. 

It is a unique way of presenting yesteryear hotties as mothers to present generation stars and carrying a glamour touch in his movies. And the most notable thing here is that their roles look perfectly normal and traditional to the common audience, unless you look otherwise. 

Well, another common point in almost all the characters discussed above is, all these ladies appear filthy rich on screen.

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