Trailer Talk: RGV's Coronavirus

By Satya Cine May. 27, 2020, 12:58 am IST
Trailer Talk: RGV's Coronavirus

Ram Gopal Varma is known for picking up contemporary subjects for his films that immediately strike a chord with a section of the audience.  No hot topic or trending item can escape from the eyes of the maverick filmmaker. Continuing his trend, RGV came up with a movie on COVID-19 that is titled in a common language 'Coronavirus'.

The makers have released the trailer a short while ago.  The duration of the trailer is more than 4 minutes and it shows the plot in a detailed manner.  The trailer starts off with man getting a phone call. Then he sits on the sofa along with his family member watching the TV news attentively.  The news reader says "Corona positive cases are increasing rapidly in the state".  Another news tells "There is a huge spike in the corona positive cases in Hyderabad city".  The entire family is gripped with fear of corona.

The man's daughter is seen sitting alone in the room coughing as if she is a corona positive patient.  In the next scene, the family members are shown scared of her because they doubt she is infected with the Covid-19 virus.  The scenes look quite natural.  The highlight of the trailer is that the film is given a horror treatment to present corona, rather than just any other common disease.

The makers are claiming that this is 'World's first film on Coronavirus'.  This is indeed a big achievement for RGV  & his team because to shoot a film in the lockdown period is an unimaginable feat. While the film industry is still asking permissions for the shoots, RGV team has completed it and ready to test their luck by releasing soon. Why wait, just have a look a the trailer.

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