Trailer Insight: Naga Shaurya impressive as Aswathama

By Naresh Kota Jan. 23, 2020, 05:28 pm IST
Trailer Insight: Naga Shaurya impressive as Aswathama

Aswathama is the name given to the young prince of Pandavas, son of Arjuna, who is known as a mix half-Krishna and half-Arjuna, NaraNarayana Amsha in Indian Mythology. He is more famous for successfully breaching into the most difficult war formation yet, Padmavyuha or Chakravyuha. 

Naga Shaurya seems to have derived his title from the mythological character and also being the story writer, took the present atrocities committed on the woman as his main plot and created an organized crime syndicate that he has unearthed. 

The mystery is quite clear in the theatrical trailer but the team did not reveal the villain so soon. Ramana Teja took all the care to keep the movie commercial and even Naga Shaurya looks highly manly in this role. 

Trailer cut is impressive even though it doesn't seem to have a completely new plot on offer, but it seems to have been well-executed by the team. Ghibran's background score will be a highlight for the film, as his trailer theme itself is chilling. 

The movie is releasing on 31st January and it could be the career-defining commercial success that Naga Shaurya is waiting for. Okay, small guessing game, who do you think the villain is? 

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