Tensions Surrounding "Disco Raja" 

By Satya Cine Jan. 21, 2020, 02:20 pm IST
Tensions Surrounding "Disco Raja" 

Sankranthi season is over. The schools got reopened and the people are back to their regular jobs. There is no festival mood anywhere. "Disco Raja" is releasing in this season and the trade analysts are saying that it is very difficult for this film to bring huge openings. 

"If the film gets very good to excellent talk after the first day first show, then the subsequent shows may see full occupancy. Had it been Sankranthi season, it is needless to worry about the openings. Even the average talk would keep the film in safe zone. But this is risky season now, since two Sankranthi films scored blockbusters" said an analyst. 

We need to see how far Mass Maharaja will pull the attention of audience by swimming against the tides in this off season. Ravi Teja is known for shouldering even an average film and hitting the "Hit" line several times. Let us see if he shows his might again. 

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