Telugu producers face two new problems

By Naresh Kota Dec. 17, 2019, 11:38 am IST
Telugu producers face two new problems

Telugu film producers are planning to make films based on Satellite and Digital rights revenue more than theatrical revenue. Distributors and exhibitors have their own share from theatrical revenue, hence, they are planning big combinations to generate as much revenue as they can from the other two avenues.

But the satellite market is down and only channels that have digital platforms are coming forward to buy rights as a package. Several films haven't received any such offers from OTT platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix, and the producers of these films are looking for Satellite right's revenue, but TV channels too have stopped buying rights of new films.

They are trying to buy the rights as a package like Sun Network or not showing any interest at all. On the other hand, stars and directors do not accept the producer's demands to reduce their remuneration. Many are asking for hikes too.

On one hand, producers are finding it hard to bring audiences to the theaters, and on the other, the revenues from alternative sources are diminishing. On top of all these, every actor and director with a market, is looking to hike their asking rates.
With all these problems, Telugu Producer's Council is looking to meet up after Sankranthi and decide on the operations and immediate measures to secure filmmakers further. New studio rules and regulations could come up as the situation seems hopeless if it continues to be the same in the coming days.

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