Telugu Comedian shows courage to share his trauma!

By Naresh Kota Jan. 21, 2020, 03:03 pm IST
Telugu Comedian shows courage to share his trauma!

It is hard to believe that men also undergo rape trauma and this majorly happens in childhood with some homosexuals, trying to forcefully convert young boys for their pleasure. 

Within the families, such incidents are becoming very common these days and children need the courage to fight these. But parents worry about social stigma and even many insensitive people start making fun of them, without understanding the gravity of the trauma, they are going through. 

It is helpful when celebrities share their trauma publicly and make it a topic of discussion. Parents will also understand what pain their children could be hiding/ going through especially after they see conversations like this happening in open. 

Comedian Rahul Ramakrishna in a series of tweets shared his pain and requested people to understand the importance of teaching respect & compassion to men from a young age, even women too. He wrote, 

"I was raped during childhood. I don’t know what else to say about my grief, except for this, because this is what I seek to know about myself."
"Everything hurts."
"I  live with the crime perpetrated upon me. There is never justice. Only momentary relief. Teach your men to be nice. Be brave and break societal conditioning. Be nice."

We cannot really decrease his pain but can show empathy towards him and pave way for others to understand what this trauma is all about and how serious, it is to inflict such pain on others for our needs/desires.

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