Sunil Varma has been hospitalized due to pulmonary infection!

By Naresh Kota Jan. 23, 2020, 01:24 pm IST
Sunil Varma has been hospitalized due to pulmonary infection!

Sunil Varma, the most famous comedian of 2000's, who turned into a hero in 2010's and now back to being a character actor, has been hospitalized during the early morning hours on 23rd January, 2020.

The actor's family is with him in the hospital located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The actor complained about being unable to breathe on 22nd mid-night and the family tried some home medicine but as the situation deteriorated, they immediately shifted him to a hospital, nearby from his residence in Manikonda, as per the reports. 

He has been suffering from heavy cold and fever from the past one week and to continue shooting and promotions of Disco Raja, he took more anti-biotics than prescribed and that lead to throat infection which spread to lungs over the time, seems. 

He couldn't talk or move for two days and as he complained about being unable to breathe, he was immediately shifted to hospital. Doctors have put him on observation and told the family members that he should be fine within two to three days as they have controlled infection from spreading further. They advised for 7-10 days of bed rest even after discharge, it seems. We wish the actor a speedy recovery.

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