Star Hero Buying 1 Million Masks?

By Satya Cine Mar. 04, 2020, 11:19 am IST
Star Hero Buying 1 Million Masks?

The most happening and talked about issue across the globe is the Corona Virus and before anyone could expect, this epidemic has reached India. Cases are now being identified and in fact, Hyderabad has also joined that list. While the situation is certainly under control, some folks are making their own moves to make the most of this impending crisis.

It is known that as a precautionary measure, you are expected to wear a mask and in that there is something called the N95 mask. As such they are in scarcity in India, there is another mask called the N90. According to one reliable source, it is heard that one star hero is now buying these Corona shielding masks in bulk at throwaway price.

Due to the overhype by media regarding the Corona Virus, many are wearing these masks out of fear. Hence, it is obvious that the rates of these masks would go high. As per the reports, if the hero is buying in bulk he is getting at Rs 50 and tomorrow if he sells he can do it for Rs 500 per mask. Given the investment he can make ten times the profit. Buzz is that he is buying one million masks. His details are not being revealed here for obvious reasons but you will know in due course.

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