Short Film Actress Crosses Boundaries

By Satya Cine Feb. 15, 2020, 08:35 am IST
Short Film Actress Crosses Boundaries

As the barricades in cinema are yet to be broken due to the censor regulations, the entertainment circuit has now taken the help of the world of internet. The emergence of OTTs like Mushrooms and the boldness in their shows is a stark example of how the cine folks have decided to go wild without any inhibitions. The Hindi circuit has reached a new level of boldness.

The Telugu circuit has also been churning out its share of web series and short films but it was always within the boundaries of decency and morality. However, that trend seems to be changing now. Those who are familiar with the short film circuit need no introduction to the name Chandini Chowdary. She is more like the ruling queen of this circuit.

Though she has done numerous projects Chandini never crossed the line and was quite reserved when it comes to skin show or doing bold scenes. However, all those barriers seem to have broken now. Chandini is being seen in the new web series ‘Masti’ which is being streamed in Aha. Well, the pretty girl has crossed her boundaries and has indulged in several steamy lip locks with the cat eyed hero Navdeep. This is becoming the highlight and of course, the ardent fans of Chandini are taken aback that she has crossed conventional boundaries.

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