Shocking: Second Director For RRR

By Satya Cine Feb. 24, 2020, 12:21 pm IST
Shocking: Second Director For RRR

'RRR' is one of the most eagerly awaited films of movie buffs across India. Everybody knows the reason for this craze. The nation-wide craze on this movie is just because of one name and that is none other than SS Rajamouli, the director.  He has delivered huge hits with the Baahubali franchise which have changed the dynamics of Indian cinema.  Baahubali films have shown the potential of Indians films to the world. Everybody knows the director of RRR but not the world's most popular search engine Google.

It may sound surprising and shocking at the same time but its the bitter truth.  If we pose a question to Google that "Who is the director of RRR movie" or any similar question, the answer would be "Directors:  Rajamouli, Sanjay Patil".  If we dig deeper into this and press on the name of Sanjay Patil to know more about him,  Google shows us hundreds of people named Sanjay Patil with different professions!

Ever since Rajamouli fans got to know about this blunder, they are furious on Google. Some of them have already reported the same to Google to correct the information.  Some netizens have started circulating funny memes in social media ridiculing Google's silly mistake.  Some people are supporting google that the information was actually got updated in Wikipedia first. Google is just a search engine so, it has pulled the same wrong information from Wikipedia and displayed it.  Surprisingly, Wikipedia is showing correct info now.  It seems Google is yet to come out of

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