Sankranthi Battle: Who has the biggest edge, SLN or AVPL?

By Naresh Kota Jan. 07, 2020, 06:39 pm IST
Sankranthi Battle: Who has the biggest edge, SLN or AVPL?

Sarileru Neekevvaru and Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo are releasing with comedy, family entertainment in a commercial package as their USP for Sankranthi festival, 2020. One is releasing on 11th and the other on the 12th, respectively.

The debate about who has more advantage has started with the trailers, jukeboxes of both the films out. Mahesh fans are disappointed with audio but they are repeating the music to just get hyped for the film. Even the makers don't have high hopes of the music lasting for years after release.

DSP seems to have taken the route of instant success over a lasting one. If his song plays to the gallery for that moment and pleases them at that particular time, he is happy with it. Earlier his songs lasted more the film run and even gave an identity to the film if it is the director's wish or not.

On the other hand, SS Thaman who became god for directors looking for such instant success songs started understanding his mistakes. He is mixing it up well. If a director needs him to step a level up, he is happy to do so and Ala Vaikuntapurramloo audio is a massive step forward for him, in that direction.

Still, SLN has an edge over AVPL, just because of the better release date and wider release strategy in the first weekend. Definitely, SLN producers made a better bargain for their film on the shoulders of Mahesh's popularity and AVPL, might still work wonders for Bunny as Family entertainers, last longer than mass entertainers.

Going by the trailers, SLN seems to take the initial lead while AVPL might catch up to it in the long run like Hare and Tortoise race. Or both could end up falling short of their desired destinations due to the clash, as both seem to aim for similar audiences in the long run. Then, it comes down to a matter of choice and availability. But for films to live that long, gods of Amazon and OTT, should be kind enough!

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