Sai Pallavi's Act Shocks Everyone

By Satya Cine Feb. 17, 2020, 03:48 pm IST
Sai Pallavi's Act Shocks Everyone

Sai Pallavi is one of the most popular heroines in Telugu. Though she has done only a few films in Telugu, 'Fidaa' made her a star in her own right. Sai Pallavi is not a regular heroine and she proves it time and again with her different attitude. When she was offered a two crore paycheck for a fairness cream brand endorsement, she rejected the offer because she doesn't believe in such things. It was a shocker for many people.

She has even rejected her balance remuneration for 'Padi Padi leche Manasu' as the movie incurred losses to the producer. Considering the crazy attitude of this generation heroines, we can say that Sai Pallavi is completely different. Apart from these things, Sai Pallavi never accepts the movie offer just because of the remuneration. She makes sure that her character has enough importance in the film. There is a talk that Sai Pallavi never insists on her remuneration and she never demands a particular sum as her fee. She accepts the remuneration offered by the producer without any negotiations.

Usually, heroines demand huge remunerations and they will try to squeeze the producers in whichever way possible. If they charge x amount of remuneration for their last film, they will make sure to charge at least 20-30% more for their next. If the movie turns out to be a hit, they will demand furthermore. Surprisingly, Sai Pallavi never demands her remuneration and she goes by the convenience of the producer. This is certainly a great quality for a heroine in the present generation. Character is the most important for any person in the industry and Sai Pallavi scores good in this aspect. It goes without saying that Sai Pallavi is going to stay here for a long time.

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