Ruler or Prathi Roju Pandage, which one is your first choice?

By Naresh Kota Dec. 17, 2019, 12:01 am IST
Ruler or Prathi Roju Pandage, which one is your first choice?

Prathi Roju Pandage audio is out and Ruler film audio is also out. SS Thaman scored music for PRP and O Baava song is going viral from the audio.

Sadly, Chirantan Bhatt's audio for Balakrishna's Ruler is not finding much traction. Padathadu Thadu song has some energy but others don't seem to have any innovation. Such routine tunes don't gather much momentum on social media.

Also, promotions for Prathi Roju Pandage are far superior in comparison with Ruler. Balakrishna's market seems to have gone really down with NTR biopics and producers of Ruler, seem to be less confident regarding the box office success of the film.

As both the movies are expecting good revenues in their opening weekend, they are asking for maximum number of theatres all over the Telugu states. In majority of areas, PRP team is able to gain better theatres than Ruler for now.

Out of lack of good theaters, Prathi Roju Pandage could be the only option during this weekend, but will Ruler lie down and give up easily? If both of them, will find equal number of screens and shows, what will be your first choice? Only you can decide on who will win this Christmas battle, so, which film has got your attention? Comment and let us know.

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