RRR Glimpse Release on AHA

By Satya Cine Apr. 02, 2020, 03:29 pm IST
RRR Glimpse Release on AHA

'RRR' is enjoying tremendous craze among the audience. The makers have initially released the motion poster and it has received a good response. On March 27th, they came up with Bheem for Rama Raju video and it has literally created sensation. They are planning to release Rama Raju for Bheem on May 20th, on the occasion of NTR's birthday. Now, there is a discussion going on in film circles that if a glimpse of 'RRR' is released in Aha platform exclusively, then it will increase the popularity of Aha.

As Ram Charan is a member of Mega Family and he is also part of 'RRR', some people are suggesting that releasing some promo material of  the film will propel Aha in big way. Many people feel that the idea appears to be really good. If Rajamouli team supports this idea, then it will be a big boon for Aha.

The glimpse may be a dialogue or a song or a teaser or it may be Ramaraju for Bheem video. If this happens, the number of downloads for Aha app will increase exponentially and there will be a sudden surge in demand for this OTT platform. We all know that Vijay Deverakonda is presently promoting Aha. If 'RRR' glimpse is released on this platform, it will further boost. We have to wait and see if this happens or not. 

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