RGV's Satirical Political Comedy gets a release date!

By Naresh Kota Dec. 07, 2019, 09:14 pm IST
RGV's Satirical Political Comedy gets a release date!

Ram Gopal Varma has been toying around with the sentiments of the people of Andhra Pradesh with a title like "Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu!" Some were upset that he is calling a state with a caste name and some were unhappy to see him make such a movie that seemed to be mocking political leaders.

In any case, he decided to make the movie and now, to release it as he needs censor permission, he decided to change the title. The movie is now called, "Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu". Well, the title makes no real sense but RGV garnered all the buzz he can.

Now, the satirical comedy is releasing on 12th December and we have to wait & watch, if Telugu Desam Party workers, caste fanatics and others will allow the smooth of the film. They may turn up at the theatres and create ruckus about what seems to be a comedy in bad taste.

Also, the movie might just tell you other young storytellers that we need Political satires and other black comedies but they shouldn't be made in bad taste, at least not have trailers that seem to mock everyone who at one point of time or the other, were respected. Let's wait till, 12th December, to decide.

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