RGV's Corona Time Strategy Worked

By Satya Cine Apr. 27, 2020, 02:32 pm IST
RGV's Corona Time Strategy Worked

There are numerous songs on coronavirus. Some of them are meant for awareness on coronavirus. Some of them are composed in a funny tone to give some relief to the people who are suffering from the lockdown troubles. If we talk about corona songs in Telugu, Cheyi Cheyi Kalapakura song by ChowRaasta turned out to be a superhit. There are several other songs but RGV's corona song turned out to be a huge sensation on par with ChowRaasta song. 

We can say that all the other songs on corona followed the rules in all the aspects like the basics of a song, lyrics, tune and singing.  But RGV's Adhi Oka Purugu defied all these rules and it is completely opposite to the other corona songs. By not following the rules, RGV has grabbed the attention of the the netizens once again. Yes. People are trolling it as a pathetic song.  But the same song is registering millions of views in the social media. The funny expressions in the lyrics and on the RGV face are highlight of this song. It is slowly catching up with the listeners with multiple listenings. There are some funny memes on the song, it has become a favourite song for the Tiktok users as well.

Many people feel that RGV has some nuisance value and the same nuisance value has become a USP of this song. While all the other songs including CCC song, Keeravani's Ekkado Putti song and other songs focused on the message, RGV's song focused on the raw emotion of a person.This may be a reason for which it is getting connected to many people. RGV has proved again that he can attract the media attention even during the corona times with his unique strategy. 

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