RGV Horror Flick 12 'O' Clock Is Ready

By Satya Cine Jul. 03, 2020, 09:16 pm IST
RGV Horror Flick 12 'O' Clock Is Ready

All the filmmakers are in thinking mode on how to proceed with their films. But Ram Gopal Varma seems to be utilizing the period better than anyone in the film industry. He has already released a couple films 'Climax' and 'Naked' online. He has announced 'Coronavirus'. Now, he is coming up with another film "12 'O' clock".

RGV revealed about the film through his Twitter account. He tweeted, "After CLIMAX, NAKED and CORONAVIRUS my next film releasing in lockdown is a horror film called "12 'O' CLOCK" it is not a short film but it is a full length 1 hour 45 minute film"

In another tweet, "Horror works more on a psychological level in using the audience's own imagination to scare themselves.. I used this technique in RAAT , BHOOT and now in 12 'O' CLOCK."

Going by his speed a netizen commented, "By the time other filmmakers plan, shoot their release new films, RGV would complete a dozen films!"

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