Renu Desai Clears Air On Akira's Debut

By Satya Cine May. 11, 2020, 01:36 am IST
Renu Desai Clears Air On Akira's Debut

Star kids always grab the attention of the audience. Especially, fans will be eager to see the debut of their favorite star hero's sons. Power Kalyan enjoys tremendous craze among the Telugu audience and his teenage son Akira Nandan always a hot topic among the fans. There were some reports in the media that he is going to make his debut soon and the film will be bankrolled by Ram Charan.

When Renu Desai was asked about the same thing, she clarified that its a baseless rumor. She said that she will completely support Akira in whatever he wants to do but she said Akira is least interested in films as of now. She revealed that she doesn't want to push him or pressurize him on his career choices. She opined it is his choice and his destiny. She said many people who watch Akira growing into a tall boy say that 'oh he will become a hero'. She urged them to stop pressurizing him.

Akira is just 16-year-old now but Pawan fans shower affection on him in social media. Some go to the extent of calling him 'Jr. Power Star'. It is really interesting to see whether Akira really stays away from the arc lights or chooses the path of his dad in the future.

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