Renu Desai- Beautiful Mother In Tollywood

By Satya Cine Feb. 03, 2020, 03:55 pm IST
Renu Desai- Beautiful Mother In Tollywood

Gone are the days where old ladies used to play the mother roles of star heroes in Tollywood. If we take any star hero film in the recent past, makers are choosing yesteryear heroines as beautiful mothers. Though they are in their middle age, they are carrying the mother characters with so much style and grace that the audience are impressed with them. If we take examples of Trivikram films, we have Nadia, Khushboo, Devayani, Tabu have been successful in playing beautiful mother roles. It seems Renu Desai can carry such roles with so much ease than any other senior actress.

Renu Desai recently attended the pre-release event of 'Chusi Chudangane' and she turned out to be the major attraction in the event. She became a hot topic in the media with her charm. Many people commented that Renu Desaid suits the hero's mother roles perfectly well as she carries herself beautifully and she has that grace. Some people even opined that Pavitra Lokesh played the role of hero's mother in 'Chusi Chudangane' but Renu Desai would have been a far better choice for the same role.

If Renu Desai is ready to accept mother roles in Telugu films, she will definitely get wonderful offers. Because age is catching up with senior beauties like Nadia, Khushboo, and others. As Renu Desai commands respect over a section of the audience and she carries herself with so much grace, she can be a perfect choice for mother roles. If she is really game for mother roles, Tollywood will surely pave a red carpet for her. Let us see what is in the mind of Renu and what happens in the future.

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