Rashmika Pens A Short Story!

By Satya Cine Jun. 15, 2020, 05:53 pm IST
Rashmika Pens A Short Story!

Rashmika Mandanna is one of the popular heroines in the South now. She is high on the success of Mahesh Babu film 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' this Sankranthi. Like all the new generation heroines, she is quite active on social media. She often posts interesting updates.

Yesterday she posted a photograph of herself on the Insta account and shared a story that is related to the photograph. Let us have a look at her story.

"The winter sun glossed Maira’s blue saree as she silently sauntered into the courtyard of Agniv Mahal. With her head held high, she gently sat on the stone steps as the mahal workers moved briskly, tending to their daily chores. Having witnessed many a story over the years, the mahal’s ancient doors were always kept open, making way for liquid sunshine to flow in and bathe its intricate carvings every morning.

Perched on the mahal steps, Maira had waited in the same place for months on end now. Every morning, she would greet the workers in her elegant blue saree, before settling down and soaking in the melody of the birdsong that came by from the nearby hills. But hidden under all her elegance, was a silent heartache, very much in contrast to the bright sunlight that streamed through the doors and windows.

And today was no different. Amidst the early morning hustle and bustle of the mahal, Maira’s heart secretly yearned, that her wait would soon come to an end.
A short story for a good read".

Rashmika's story is appreciated by the netizens. Some of them wondered where she has been hiding this writing talent all these years. It seems Rashmika is planning to work on an alternate career even before the acting career comes to an end.

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