Ram Charan paves way for Prabhas to cut costs!

By Naresh Kota Dec. 19, 2019, 12:30 pm IST
Ram Charan paves way for Prabhas to cut costs!

Saaho movie became a costly mistake for Prabhas, even though it did recover money for producers. Distributors had to face huge losses and UV Creations has offered them his next film, "Jaan" - tentative title, unofficially. The terms of the deal are yet to be fully disclosed.

As the producers are thinking about cost cutting, Ram Charan became a Savior for them. He followed a different method of production design for Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. He took premium land in city outskirts for lease and built sets there.

The team built a warehouse, which was converted into a sound floor and there they constructed 4 huge sets to finish the shooting. As such high budget films take long time to complete, this seemed to be the best option for Sye Raa team.

For Jaan, UV Creations was looking for such a model to bring down cost of production. They managed to take 20 acres of land for lease for three to four years to complete this film and other future big budget films at the property.

Ravinder Reddy, production designer came up with six sets at the place, recreating old Paris and old Hyderabad, in the warehouse, which was converted into a sound floor. In the same land, team constructed temporary facilities to cook food and provide housing to daily workers and junior artists.

This way, the producers have been able to limit their cost of production for these sets to 6 crores compared to 25-30 crores in a big studio. This kind of planning and production may not be affordable to every film but this seems to be a solution for over the top budget problem for biggies, at least.

Ram Charan did not just give the producers, who are also his friends this suggestion and plan, he also helped them acquire the land, as it was owned by his close friend.

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