Rajnikanth's Hairstylist For Balakrishna 

By Satya Cine Jan. 21, 2020, 03:47 pm IST
Rajnikanth's Hairstylist For Balakrishna 

The star hero in TFI who appears with the most unconvincing hairdressing is Balakrishna. And the star who appears with the most appropriate hairstyle is Rajnikanth. Everyone is aware of Rajnikanth's real look and how transforms on screen with the natural looking hair. 

But no one knows why no hair dresser is being able to style a wig that perfectly fits on Balakrishna's head that looks like natural hair. 

It is said that Boyapati Srinivas is taking utmost care with regard to the hair styling of Balakrishna for the upcoming film. It seems that he roped in the highly professional hairdressers those who worked for Rajnikanth earlier. Balakrishna also liked the upgraded hairstyle as per the hearsay. So let us wait for the first look to see what change Boyapati has brought in for Balakrishna this time. 

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