Rajamouli facing financial pressures from producer of RRR?

By Naresh Kota Jan. 05, 2020, 07:19 pm IST
Rajamouli facing financial pressures from producer of RRR?

SS Rajamouli doesn't really have to answer anyone about his next film plans or his plans in general. He made such huge hits in Baahubali films and people tend to go by what success says or demands. There will be no second questions.

But in films, the success doesn't last forever and every film is a big litmus test to a director, these days. So, even Rajamouli is facing pressures of expectations, financial tensions say some sources.

As he cannot say that this image is fine for Telugu market anymore, with his Pan-Indian and global name, the director is double checking every image he shot for RRR. On top of that, the delays in shoots have caused the budget to increase from 350 crores, initial estimate to 400 crores and then 440 crores and now, latest estimate is 500 crores.

After the shoot in Vizag area, Rajamouli wanted to re-shoot some scenes in sets & VFX, to make them all look authentic, it seems. DVV Danayya, the producer was happy with Rs. 350 crores as he could make good profits with Ram Charan, Jr. NTR names adding to Rajamouli's name.

But arranging Rs. 500 crores has become even bigger challenge to him. As he needs to pay most of the amount back by 30th July and can't arrange even more, he is asking Rajamouli to complete the film by the date and don't postpone from the date, it seems.

Rajamouli never had to set a date and take that pressure while shooting a film, so this new challenge has upset him slightly, it seems. Now, he has to complete the International artists portion and even Telugu star heroes portion in fixed schedules.

As this restricts him, little bit from trying out everything he can to the fullest, he expressed some disappointment with turn of events, say few sources. But he is not discouraged by all this and wants to deliver his best, despite any challenge, it seems.

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