Raashi Khanna - The new busy Bee among Heroines

By Naresh Kota Dec. 09, 2019, 08:20 pm IST
Raashi Khanna - The new busy Bee among Heroines

Heroines in Telugu Cinema have seasons where one rises to the top from other and they seem to be everywhere and on every poster. Like music composers and comedians, they have no restrictions on the number of films they do per year and at times, they come out in a cluster.

Raashi Khanna is the flavour of this winter Christmas season in Telugu Cinema. Somehow, she seems to have cluster of releases lately.

Last year, she had three Tamil releases back to back and in Telugu, she has two films releasing back to back, this December. All of a sudden, Venky Mama team announced their movie release for 13th December and she is trying to allot as much time as possible, for Prathi Roju Pandage promotions also, which is releasing on 20th December, along with Venky Mama.

She is the center of attraction in both film promotions and many Telugu Cinema fans are getting accustomed to watching her every other day at a press event or at a special event promoting her films. If one of the film, becomes a big hit, she might achieve the break that she is looking for, to reach the pinnacle as busy heroine in Telugu. For now, she can termed as the busy bee of Winter season!

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