Raashi Khanna highly pleased with twin successes!

By Naresh Kota Dec. 26, 2019, 08:37 pm IST
Raashi Khanna highly pleased with twin successes!

Raashi Khanna once said that she wants to find such box office successes as an actress, which will help her establish herself as a star in Telugu. She wants to be part of popular films and also films that offer her good roles.

She is now extremely pleased with the praise she is receiving for her comedy skills in the movie, Prathi Roju Pandage. She loved the character, Angel Arna and audiences loved the way, she portrayed it.

Her other film, Venky Mama also made its money back. As she was waiting for such a success streak to take her career forward, she is happy to find it after some time, it seems.

She wants to continue the momentum in 2020 and hopes to find a role like in Tholi Prema, again. We wish her all the success and great roles while we congratulate her for the twin successes!

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