Pushpa Vs RRR: Who Beats Who? 

By Satya Cine Apr. 13, 2020, 05:52 pm IST
Pushpa Vs RRR: Who Beats Who? 

Tollywood filmmakers and stars are not confining themselves just to the Telugu states like before.  They are exploring new avenues and targeting pan-India audience with their films.  They are choosing scripts that have universal appeal and investing huge budgets to make pan Indian films.  Among the few pan India projects, 'RRR' and 'Pushpa' are grabbing the attention of netizens. Some of them are saying that these two have huge potential to strike a chord with the audience across the nation.

When the filmmakers have second thoughts about positioning their films against the mighty 'RRR', Allu Arjun got ready to give it a fight at the box office with Sukumar's film.  Both these films are initially slated for Sankranti release.  We have to wait and see whether these two films will go as per the plan or postpone them to a later date. If they get postponed, it is interesting to see they will again compete at the box office or choose different dates. 

Whether these films release in competition or release on different dates, they will register earth shattering collections for sure. Just like Rajamouli, Sukumar is also a brilliant filmmaker who can stun the audience with his filmmaking techniques. Though Sukumar's films have not released in the North till now, his films have universal appeal to strike a chord with the Hindi audience. 

If we look at the heroes, Charan & NTR are new to North audience.  Similarly Allu Arjun is new to them.  But these three heroes enjoy tremendous craze when it comes to Hindi dubbed movies on YouTube and Hindi movie TV channels. In fact, Allu Arjun is more popular in Hindi belt than 'RRR' heroes.  While Rajamouli is a selling factor for 'RRR' in North belt, Allu Arjun certainly becomes the crowd-pulling factor for 'Pushpa'. 

The backdrops of both the films are quite interesting to the audience. While 'RRR' is set in the pre-Independence era, 'Pushpa' is set in the backdrop of red sanders smuggling in Seshachalam forest area.  While 'RRR' heroes appearing in vintage looks, 'Pushpa' hero is trying to impress the audience with his never before rugged look.

On the whole, the majority of the netizens opine that both films enjoy equal craze and have the potential to strike gold at the box office. 

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