Public demand no ticket hike for Sankranti movies

By Naresh Kota Jan. 06, 2020, 04:04 pm IST
Public demand no ticket hike for Sankranti movies

Some take things as they come and some revolt. Some adjust and some try to say that it is indigestible. Well, if we keep feeding the same, even pets reject the food and look out. Similarly, Telugu Cinema Audiences are also evolving but producers are looking at their purses' depth and neglecting their wish for content.

Right now, most of the big films are also facing tough times to bring crowds to theaters due to ticket rates. For Sankranthi season the ticket rates have been changed to 200/- at multiplexes and Rs. 150/- at single screens in Telangana. In AP, the rate is to be fixed as Rs. 250/- at multiplexes and Rs. 200/- at single screens.

Many families are going for online streaming subscriptions to get their entertainment needs. Films that thrived on long run due to families are now looking at short term gains. Even in Hollywood, this system of price increase during first two weeks or weekends has made audiences not go to theaters and wait for home video or digital video release.

Now, big studios are looking to increase the number of screens and put the pricing at the ceiling limit there. As Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi don't have ceiling limit to prices, some of the multiplexes had to introduce early morning show for Rs.110/- and a day where the ticket rates are normal or less than normal, upto Rs. 90/- for all films.

If Telugu distributors and producers, don't look at the problem and try to nip it in the bud, they will face even more tough situations due to few people's wrong strategies. Film thrives as a Business when masses view it in theaters as an experience. If it gets too expensive, everyone will have to look at alternative means, which denotes the end of film business.

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