Prediction: What can we expect from Aswathama?

By Naresh Kota Jan. 30, 2020, 03:00 pm IST
Prediction: What can we expect from Aswathama?

Naga Shaurya is coming with his new film, Aswatthama on 31st January 2020. Ira Creations is producing the film with Ramana Teja as director and Mehreen Prizada as lead actress. Let's discuss it's box office prospects before the release...

Positive Factors:

* Story deals with a burning issue
* Teasers and trailers are impressive
* Naga Shaurya looks different from his other films.
* Promising premise and strategy to hide villain prior to release

Negative Factors:

* Subject might lose novelty once suspence is revealed
* Low Buzz due to Sankranthi biggies domination
* Lack of popular audio to boost the business


After Chalo, Aswatthama seems to be a big hope for Naga Shaurya and film looks strong enough to work at box office.

Disclaimer: Take this only as a fun exercise and not determinant of the film result! We expect all films to do well and request everyone to watch films in theaters.

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