Prabhas' Signature Recipe- "Mutton Upma" 

By Satya Cine Jan. 18, 2020, 04:50 pm IST
Prabhas' Signature Recipe- "Mutton Upma" 

Prabhas is known to the world as a Bahubalian actor but there are some more interesting things attached to him. He is an avid food lover and also relishes some exotic cuisine experiments. 

Inside news says that he has formulated a recipe and made it popular among the elite business and film groups in Hyderabad. The recipe is called "Mutton Upma". This is made with a mix of wheat and mutton keema with loads of cashews to it. This protein rich food is being consumed as lunch by many bigwigs. Prabhas has given the formula of this dish to one of his chefs and thus it has come out and is now widespread in the circles. 

A businessman who loves this dish says, "Those who taste this once are getting addicted and placing orders by themselves. The surprise factor is, this dish tastes like pure vegetarian". 

When enquired about the price, it is revealed that a half kg of this dish would cost around a whopping Rs 1200.

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