Politics In PSPK 27 Casting

By Satya Cine Mar. 04, 2020, 06:58 pm IST
Politics In PSPK 27 Casting

Power Star is making his re-entry with 'Vakeel Saab', the remake of Bollywood hit 'Pink'.  He is simultaneously working on another film #PSPK27 in the direction of talented filmmaker Krish.  This is a period backdrop film that is being made on a huge budget. Pawan is going to appear as a robber in the film.  Krish is reportedly taking utmost care in making it an out and out commercial flick.

Krish is not taking any chances with the film and he is very particular in the casting as well. There is a strong character in the film, as an aide of Pawan, that has ample screen time to deliver some good laughs. Usually, Pawan Kalyan opts for his good friend Ali for such characters. Surprisingly, he has chosen Sunil this time instead of Ali.

Powerstar's choice lead to a huge discussion on social media that it is a politically motivated decision rather than the plain movie casting decision.  Some netizens argue that Ali is not supporting Pawan's Jana Sena but pledged his support to the YCP which didn't go well with the Jana Senani.  They are reasoning that Sunil is a neutral guy but Ali opposed Jana Sena openly so Pawan is feeling comfortable with Sunil than Ali.  We do not know the actual truth behind the choice but the majority of the netizens are coming up with this interesting logic.  

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