PK Fans Are Hurt With That Tweet 

By Satya Cine Jan. 21, 2020, 12:04 pm IST
PK Fans Are Hurt With That Tweet 

PK fans are considered to be the most powerful in Tollywood circles. No other fans of any star are as active and as volatile as PK fans at present. 

Coming to the point, the latest tweet by RGV (the one he deleted later) is "The truly great phenomenon of @alluarjun is that he just as one descendants of comedian Ramalingiah has F'ed both the super star and also the Megas [email protected] is the only true MegaPowerStar". 

Well, there is no PK factor in this tweet but some fans on social media seems to be in rage. It is needless to say that whatever RGV tweets, netizens attempt to read between the lines. In the process they understand something and like to believe in that. Since a cold war sort of thing was observed between Allu Arjun and PK due to the former's lines with regard to PK, viz., "Cheppanu Brother.." earlier and "Chiranjeevi garu is my only inspiration..." in the recent event has made many fans understand this tweet as something against PK. This is something like 'Praising Allu Arjun is insulting PK' kind of thing. 

Above all, attributing Ram Charan's Mega Power Star title to Allu Arjun is considered to be anti Chiru as well. It goes without saying that a war of words happened between RGV on one side and Chiru, Nagababu, PK, Allu Aravind on the other side earlier. 

But the bottom line is, RGV has removed the above tweet much later. Why he tweeted and why he removed, only he should know.

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