Palasa Vs Pitta Katha: Which Is The Winner?

By Satya Cine Mar. 04, 2020, 06:43 pm IST
Palasa Vs Pitta Katha: Which Is The Winner?

It is a common phenomenon that when two movies release on the same day they automatically become rivals at the box office. Multiple release has become the trend of today given the number of movies that are being made in the Telugu Film Industry. The coming Friday is going to see an interesting battle and this is between two small budget flicks.

Two movies ‘Palasa’ and ‘O Pitta Katha’ are releasing on March 6th and as expected the fight is between both. To speak about their strengths, ‘Palasa’ has generated a positive hype due to the concept of 1978 period backdrop and even the prerelease event got good response. It is heard that music director Raghu Kunche is making his debut as an antagonist with this one and he has delivered a cracker performance.

As for ‘O Pitta Katha’ it marks the debut of Viswant, son of senior hero Brahmaji and it has been getting a strong prerelease promotion in the form of various celebrities. In fact, megastar Chiranjeevi himself came for the prerelease event and the film garnered a lot of attention. Overall, both movies have started off in the right footing and ultimately it is the content that would get voted by the audience. Here’s wishing the best of success to both.

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