OTT Platforms Benefitting With Corona

By Satya Cine Mar. 19, 2020, 01:07 pm IST
OTT Platforms Benefitting With Corona

The Corona virus has certainly created a terror which the world would take many years to forget. The situation is so paranoid that many have begun to feel it is the apocalypse. While they are doing their best to get through this phase by panic buying and adopting self-quarantine methods, here is an interesting thing which has come to notice.

The digital entertainment platform which has become the in-thing has seen a major boost thanks to the Corona fears. With precautions being followed by many to stay indoors and since the theatres are also closed, there is a sudden upsurge in demand for OTT platforms and their shows. Since all are at home they are watching Amazon Prime, Netflix and other OTTs.

Reports also reveal how the recently launched Apps such as AHA and others have seen a major spike in their subscriber base after Corona virus struck. In a way this is a good thing because the audience would get used to the digital format of entertainment as well with stuff like web series. So, that’s some cheering time for these OTT folks and a new viewing experience for the general public.

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