Old Man In "Bheeshma" Is A Real Legend

By Satya Cine Feb. 22, 2020, 12:19 pm IST
Old Man In "Bheeshma" Is A Real Legend

Young hero Nithiin's latest flick 'Bheeshma' has released on this Friday.  The talk is encouraging and it is giving a big relief to Nithiin who has been suffering from successive failures in the recent past. The director Venky Kudumula made it an entertainer which can click with all the sections of the audience.  He has not only made the movie with all the commercial elements but he took very good care of casting.  His choice for the elderly man Bheeshma is also receiving appreciation in particular.

The man who played the owner of Bheeshma Organics is none other than Anant Nag, a Kannada legend.  He is a theater artist, actor and film producer.  This generation Telugu audiences may not be familiar with his name but he acted in a few Telugu films in the late 70s.  In a career spanning 40 long years, Anant Nag acted in more than 220 films.  Anant Nag is not only known for commercial films but he even acted in parallel cinema like Shyam Benegal directorial 'Ankur'.   He acted in several languages including Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, and Malayalam.

If we talk about the latest films, he appeared in a supporting role in the sensational hit 'K.G.F: Chapter 1'.  Apart from films, he acted in a highly popular Television series 'Malgudi Days' in 1987.  The series was based on R.K. Narayan's Malgudi Days book. The series was aired on Doordarshan then.  It has brought him huge recognition across India at that time.  Anant Nag continues to mesmerize the audience with his unbeatable charm and brilliant acting even at the age of 71. Considering his track record, there is no surprise that he grabbed the attention of the Telugu audience with his role in 'Bheeshma'. 

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