New Trend: Small Heroes, Limited Budget Films

By Satya Cine Jun. 04, 2020, 09:14 pm IST
New Trend: Small Heroes, Limited Budget Films

Covid-19 pandemic has shown its impact on several industries and the film industry is also one of them. As the theaters are closed for the past three months and shoots are on hold, the film industry is incurring huge losses. While small or medium budget filmmakers have the option of recovering their investments through OTT, the fate of big films is yet to be seen.

Trade analysts are saying that the producers are not ready to invest huge amounts on the films on big stars right now. Instead, they are planning small or medium budget films because they need not depend on the theatrical release for the recovery. They can follow the Covid-19 guidelines if better if it is a small budget flick. They can recover the investment by OTT release and other non-theatrical rights. This has prompted the makers to search for entry-level and medium-range heroes. The demand for such heroes has increased as per the information.

Unless there is a vaccine for Covid-19 or theatrical collections improved after the reopening of theaters, the producers are not in a mood to risk their money by investing staggering amounts.

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