New films releasing on OTT

By Satya Cine Apr. 02, 2020, 09:52 am IST
New films releasing on OTT

Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent developments had a huge impact on the film industry. Due to the lock down announced by the government, the people are sitting at their homes. Some of them who has the option of working from home are working as usual. But the others are busy watching TV channels. Especially the OTT platforms have seen a sudden surge in the viewership. Now, these OTT platforms have become a discussion point in the Tollywood.

We all know that the theatres have been closed for the past few days. New releases are stopped indefinitely. When the government lifts the restrictions of lockdown, the traffic of medium range and big films will be high and the small films will find it difficult to get the theatres. To check this problem, the Producers Council reportedly held a meeting. They said to have discussed the option of giving away the rights of small films to the OTT platforms for a decent price. Even the OTT platforms don't have new content. So, it will be a win-win situation for both of them.

If that happens, these small films will have a direct OTT release rather than a traditional theatrical release. We have to wait and see which OTT platform is going to come forward and offer a decent price to these is another interesting aspect to small films. Whenever an OTT platform starts streaming star hero film, it usually gets new subscribers. Many people download the app to watch the new content. But the same is not the case with small films. Unless there is a notable cast or crazy content, new subscribers will not add to the OTT platform.

Yes, the existing subscribers can watch the new content. So they may not offer high price for small films. They may negotiate with filmmakers for a revenue based model on the views and the new subscribers count rather than the fixed price. Considering the non availability of theatres the filmmakers have to find a way to release their films.  We have to wait and see how these small filmmakers strike a deal with the OTT platforms.

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