New Actress With Hot Looks

By Satya Cine Feb. 02, 2020, 04:16 pm IST
New Actress With Hot Looks

Every other day there are many beauties who hit the turf of the Tollywood circuit with the dream of becoming star heroines. While some of them really make it to the top, some wither away. However, those girls who have that spark in them easily get recognized and within no time, opportunities come knocking their door.

One name which is now making hot rounds in the Telugu circuit is that of Malavika Sateesan. Not many know this girl but she was seen in ‘Ala’ one movie which released in Zee 5 as their original movie. In that movie there is a song ‘Kougillalo…’ and Malavika acted in the cover song. It was sung by Chinmayee. It was released in Aditya and became a huge hit.

Netizens know Malavika somewhat and now she made her debut with the film ‘Choosi Choodangane’ as a heroine. She has attractive looks suiting a commercial heroine and even for negative shade roles too. So far, we know the steamy seductress Payal Rajput in that slot. Malavika has not done glam show but if she decides to do that she would be a hot competition for Payal. For now, many who watched the movie are drooling over Malavika so it has to be seen how she plans her way forward.

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