Nagababu: "We Are No More Soft Targets"

By Satya Cine Feb. 14, 2020, 11:22 pm IST
Nagababu: "We Are No More Soft Targets"

Being a celebrity may have its own share of benefits and advantages but then it also brings with it, a baggage which is hard to carry. For starters, the life of a celebrity becomes a public property so a celebrity cannot behave like the usual people. Given that situation, they are expected to be quite poised when some mudslinging happens on them.

The mega family is without doubt the most powerful clan in the Tollywood circuit and it has a coterie of nearly half a dozen heroes with strong grip over distribution. Despite all their clout, they could not do much when Sree Reddy was ripping power star Pawan Kalyan apart. Recently, mega brother Nagababu gave an online interview and this topic was brought up.

Responding to this incident Nagababu reportedly mentioned how they need to take few things on their stride and get going because dealing with certain type of people only means further embarrassment. Having said that, Nagababu also made it clear that once it was done they were okay but the next they are no more the soft targets. Indirectly, he implied that if anyone messes with the mega family the entire clan will pounce upon the attacker. Watch out folks!

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